Meet the Duo

I lived and worked on my parent's farm during my childhood but followed their admonition to go to college and become a teacher. I graduated about 6 months after Michigan went through a hiring frenzy of teachers. Therefore I had to re-invent myself several times to stay employed and to advance. I changed jobs every two to three years because I was an experiential learner so once I knew how to do a job it no longer held an interest for me.

I became a serious writer early in this 21st century completing sequels to “The Music Man” and “It's A Wonderful Life” after completing “The Peace POX.”

Rose, my beloved, and myself in Florida

Rod and Rose

The team responsible for our success.

Our 2017 Projects

Our top goal is to make "Hitler, My Father" a best-seller. We want to expand and finish the novel about the Everyday Inn located in Corinth called "Room 101." We have two illustrated books to finish: The Peace Pox dramatizes the 1914 Christmas Truce and Swamp Burner which is a Garden of Eden allegory. Last, but not least, will be a thriller called Sara.