2017 Book Releases

Hitler, My Father book jacket by Rod Merten

The book deals with a half century (1938 to 1989) of Europe’s crisis, upheaval, war, holocaust, atrocities and recovery as seen and experienced by Lotte Schoener (the mother of Adolf Hitler’s only son), her village and its citizens, and that son’s struggle to find his father. Lorenz Meyer, the book’s putative author and historian, follows this probable tale from conception to conclusion.

Lotte and her son, young Adolf, endure ostracism from her family and most of the village who refer to them as Hitler’s Bitch and Hitler’s Bastard. She is forced to live with the town doctor, Paul Schwimmer, whose son Erich, eventually becomes young Adolf’s putative father. Local characters like Gerta Beyerlein the town gossip; Hans Schuler, former SS guard at Auschwitz, Mauthausen and a postwar KGB agent; Erich Schwimmer, half-Jew kicked out of the SS and sent to Auschwitz; and the Onkels a group of veterans who rebuilt their town add depth to the narrative.

The narrative takes us on side trips to 1917’s farcical, but deadly, Kerensky Offensive; to the exploits of the 2nd SS Panzers; the bombing of Vienna in 1944; and finally to today’s wars and political unrest. Throughout the book Meyer seeks to honor the lives of these simple, common people who were thrust into demanding, worldly situations that challenge our opinions and prejudices and reality.

Lotte’s struggle to get the community to recognize her son’s true paternity end as young Adolf spends eight years tracking down Hitler to begin his apprenticeship as fuhrer.

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