Garden of Eatin' - An Adult Coloring Book (2018)

This delightful book engages your inner child with ready to color pages and a sweet story. Garden of Eatin' is a remake of the Garden of Eden story but from the animal's point of view. Growler, Wing and Plato relive their attempt to live with the humans and the outcome of their efforts. The book's paper is specially designed for colored pencils.

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Dragon Eggs (2018)

Dinosaur Eggs follow Nik on a nature hike with his parents, as he finds a nest of eggs, takes them home and gets a mysterious and unique surprise.

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A Mouse Tale (2018)

Mouse Tale re-enacts the Christmas story from a mouse's point of view.

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Hitler, My Father (2017)

A story surrounding a half century (1938 to 1989) of Europe's crisis, upheaval, war, holocaust, atrocities and recovery as seen and experienced by Lotte Schoener (the mother of Adolf Hitler's only son).
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